What station are you on, DJ?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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Every day each and every one of us is a radio station dj. Just like the dj plays certain songs on a radio station we think certain thoughts in our mind.

There are usually 3 stations.

The POSITIVE station is when we are thankful and at peace enjoying the present moment.

The NEGATIVE station is when we are complaining, fault finding, hating, and being envious.

The last one is the POSITIVE-NEGATIVE station. This is when we think we are being positive but harbor negative thoughts. We love being positive, thankful, and at peace but we hate negativity, haters, and things that have been done to us wrong.

This is still being negative and cancels are positive thoughts. The LAW OF ATTENTION states whatever we give our attention to we attract in our lives whether wanted or unwanted.

If we want to WIN IN LIFE we must stay on the POSITIVE station. And eliminate the negative by ignoring the other two stations.

It's very important that we DJ our lives with the right vibrations or thoughts. So we can stay positive, thankful, and at peace. This is how we attract the desires of our hearts and live the vibe "IAM SUCCESS!"

Now ask yourself what station are you on?


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