What Makes a Man or Woman Great?

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What makes LeBron James the KING is not just how many championships he has won, awards, or records he keeps breaking, it's his ability to continue to strive for GREATNESS NO MATTER WHAT.

He has been in the NBA finals 8 straight years. And he has a record of 3-6.

What makes him GREAT is that he has lost more than he has won and not one of those losses has stopped him from pursuing GREATNESS!

In life, you will lose more battles than you win but if you stay consistent and persistent you will win the WAR!


"A MAN or WOMAN is GREAT not because he or she hasn't failed; a MAN or WOMAN is GREAT because failure hasn't stopped him or her."

Failures or roadblocks are meant for us to try again with a new confidence and determination not to quit if you do your success will be only a matter of time.

Winston Churchill says, "SUCCESS is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."

This is what LeBron does year after year and why he will go down as the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER.

He is the definition of "IAM SUCCESS!"


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