Waves and Our Ability to Create

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Have you ever seen a man with waves in his head? The waves make a pattern of a galaxy. As above, so below.

Well when you are wanting to manifest a dream or goal it takes the same process.

To create waves it takes a brush, doorag, and persistence. You have to continue brushing with persistence and put the doorag on to keep your hair in place. Once this process is repeated the waves form.

In real life, let's say the brush represent your brain creating the thoughts of your mind. Every time you think of your goal or dream and express gratitude that you have it already you are creating vibrations or waves that go out into the Universe.

The more you brush the deeper your waves. The more you think about your goal or dream you are claiming it and it is on it's way.

The doorag represents your faith and persistence. It keeps your waves in order by keeping them in formation.

When you have faith and persistence you are building the vibrations in your mind and your goals and dreams will manifest.

The more repetitions of brushing your hair the faster the waves come in.

In like manner, the man or woman who can be thankful for getting what they want in their imagination will get what they want.

If your gratitude is strong and constant the response of the Universe will be strong and continuous, and the things you want will always move towards you.

Repetitions is the key to having waves and manifesting what you want from life. #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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