Water over Sprite!

WATER over sprite!

When you are putting new information (knowledge) in you all the negative energy in you comes to the surface.

EMBRACE THIS PROCESS because just like a runner or sprinter who is not in shape will cough up mucus. Its your body getting rid of the bad stuff in your body.

So as when you are putting positive info your mind will bring negativity to your brain. THE KEY is to be persistent and eventually you will look up and all you do is think and act positively.

Mucus is the cause of all disease in the body as well as negative thoughts are the cause of all diseases of the mind and being selfish or not helping others is the cause of all diseases of the soul.

The only way to get rid of disease is to EXERCISE. RUN (gets rid of mucus), READ ( gets rid of negative thought) , HELP OTHERS ( gets rid of selfish thought). Exercise or practice RUN, READ, HELP OTHERS and watch how healthy you become. #facts #IAMSUCCESS

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