To be = IAM

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Life has already provided everything that we want to create in our lives. The problem is that we worry and get anxiety about receiving what we want. We create the obstacles, the pit falls, the setbacks by our thinking we can't have what we truly want. We become obsessed with desiring things. So we grow our desire muscle. We become what we want by focusing on self the "I" which is the ego. So we grow our egos. And this is how greed enters our life. We say things like this "I want to be rich. I want to be a millionaire" Then we get scared and realize by our current situation that we are not rich and we are not a millionaire. Our vibrations or deep thought is saying the opposite of what we want. So what we want doesn't happen. But let us remove the words "I" (ego) and "want" (desires) and you are left with "to be rich. to be a millionaire. The phrase "to be" just means IAM. So now let's see what we have "IAM rich. IAM a millionaire." IAM means we. As you and God or you and the Universe. It's telling the Universe that not only do I want this you want this for me as well. It's living by the Golden Rule: What I want for myself, I want for everybody (Universe) and that is success (desires). So instead of growing your ego and desires' muscles you grow your soul and God's power in your life muscles. Now it becomes a vibration of the heart (you and God) instead of a vibration of the brain (ego). When we vibrate or think from the heart we attract what we want faster because there are no limits, no enemies, no obstacles with the soul and God. But the brain (ego) creates limits, enemies,or obstacles because of it's limited knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We have to write down what we want and be thankful that we will get it if we take action but our responsibility is to thank GOD or the Universe that we have no limits, no obstacles, no enemies. Our mind will believe this and we won't create worry or anxiety by focusing on self or our desire. WE GROW IN OUR OPEN DOORS MUSCLE. WE GROW OUR OPPORTUNITIES. WE GROW OUR SUPPORTERS AND WE WILL GET WHAT WE WANT AS LONG AS IT IS RIGHTEOUS! So stop saying I want and remove and just say "to be because IAM" To use the example in this writing stop saying "I want to be rich. I want to be a millionaire. Instead say "to be rich because IAM rich. To be a millionaire because IAM a millionaire. Then focus on that you have no limits, no obstacles, no enemies, just open doors. MASTER P is a great example of using this principle. He has accomplished a lot of things because he focuses on the phrase "NO LIMIT" I HOPE YOU CATCH THE WISDOM AND BE YOUR BEST


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