Thinking Outside of the Box

j10 way of life


"Rock off negativism. Other people opinion of you, other people telling you you can't achieve, you won't amount to nothing, and you won't never do anything."

"When you start moving to your own beat they gone say what is he doing?"

" I'm rocking my box! I'm getting you outta my life!"

"I'm SEEING myself the way GOD SEES ME.

"I SEE myself WINNING in life not losing. I SEE myself a VICTOR not a victim. I'm not gone go around here with a victim mentality."

"It don't matter what anybody tries to do to me I'm gonna WIN!

"No matter what anybody says to me, what anybody thinks of me. I'm gonna WIN!"

"You gonna WIN! If you start SEEING yourself with a VISION about WHO GOD says you are."

"The Universe (GOD) says you're healed, blessed, and highly favored walking in righteousness and empowered to PROSPER!" - AL JENNINGS

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