The Pacman Way of Life

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When I think about the game Pacman it makes me think of how we are supposed to live our lives. Pacman looks like the Sun who is filled with light (love). Pacman job is to gather all the little pebbles of light and the big pieces of light allows him to conquer his haters.

In like manner, if we focus our attention on the things we love we can obtain our goals and dreams. We can have joy, peace, and prosperity. And when we focus on our love we can grow and expand in love and our haters and enemies will have no power over us.

But when we focus on our haters or enemies we lose. It's like when you run into one of the ghost on the Pacman game. If we ignore the ignorant and keep our attention on the light we will have such an overflow of light in us that we are able to get in the mindstate "unfuckwithable" and this is when no negativity can break your force field of positive energy. It's like when Pacman eats the big pieces of light and he can eat the ghosts and can't die for a brief moment.

By staying focused on what we love it grows in power and we eventually obtain the things we want. But just like in the game the more boards you conquer the harder the game gets you will have more haters and more enemies.

Your job is to not to get distracted by these lower energies and to keep focusing on getting to the light. Because when you get to the light you eat all the pebbles and that's how you win the game.

There will always be haters and enemies this you must know but they have no power over you if you do what you are supposed to do and that is stay focused on what you love.

Think about it the haters and enemies are mad that you are being yourself and that is why you are Pacman a sun and they are not being themselves and that is why they wear a mask and can't see the light because they are in darkness a ghost. So they hate you and attack you because they want to be like you successful.


stay focused on the things you love and ignore the haters and enemies because they will always be there but as long as you stay going after the light they will eventually be destroyed and you will have joy,peace, and prosperity.

You will accomplish your goals and dreams. You will be successful and when you gather all the pebbles of light you will say "IAM SUCCESS!" #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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