The More You Learn the More You Become

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8 years ago I had to go sit in forced solitude. I entered the place with no draws no socks and I refused to call any outside help. I was basically with nothing.

Except a heart filled with love and a mind that had to create.

I was in jail. So the first thing I did was buy me a folder,pen, and paper.

I then went around my whole block with about 50-60 men and I asked starting with the older men first "What is something about life that I could use to better myself, any game or principle that they had learned about life?"

I wrote everyone's responses on the folder so I could read it everyday.

I had a cellmate who was an older white man and he taught me how to make roses out of toilet paper. I learned how to color pictures from a couple of Mexican amigos.

I took what they taught me and created R.O.S.E.s with Love.ROSES stood for Raising Others Self- Esteem with Love.

I made roses and colored them with the coloring from skittles. I then created a poem to go with it and I had a useful product to sell. The sale of R.O.S.E.s with Love allowed me to buy commissary so I could have clothes and food to eat. The inmates sent them in the mail to family and they loved it. Some kept them for themselves in their cells because it made them feel good.

It helped to bring a positive vibe in a negative environment.

It actually did raise others self- esteem. It also showed that you can make something out of nothing if you are willing to continuously learn from everyone.

MY POINT is... Never think you can't learn something from anyone. The more you learn the more you become. #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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