Strength Makes Them See Weakness

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When you are just being you you exhibit a strength, a speed, and a happiness that those who don't love themselves properly will hate.

They become haters, jealous, and sabotaging towards you. When they see the strength in you it places a mirror to them and they see their weaknesses.

Every time they try to compare their life to yours they deep in their hearts feel like they are inferior to you. This feeling causes a destructive form of self hate.

They see you strong they feel themselves weak, they see how fast and effortlessly you move they see how slow and difficult it is for them to move.

These people can have more material possessions, money, and status than you but your spirit of happiness makes them filled with the spirit of sadness.

You become an enemy to them. They hate you, their jealous of you, and so they want to sabotage you in any way. Their darkness wants your light to not exist.

They see you as superior to them and they feel inferior inside. You see this from all types of people that have a competitive spirit. They can be worth multi millions of dollars or be a homeless person living on the streets.

I have been letting these types of people stop me from showing my true greatness so I could minimize my attacks. Dimming my light my amazingness to make the weak, slow, and unhappy comfortable.

Those days are over with I am done letting cowards dim my shine. And if you have been getting treated this way as well you need to STOP.

It's time for the WINNERS to WIN and the LOSERS to lose.

Declare today, "That you will not tolerate these dark forces to dim that bright light of yours and know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and they will be exposed, dismantled and brought to death and shame."


That light at the end of the tunnel can be reached by the speed of light as long as you acknowledge that you are light.

The speed of light to the human perception is immediately just like turning on a light switch. Flip that light and stop settling for less, and by the power and spirit of LOVE, be and confess IAM SUCCESS!


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