Stay On it to Stay On


In order to GET ON, you got to STAY ON IT, TO STAY ON!

You can have a goal and as long as you are every day taking steps in that direction you will make progress.

You can start with a tiny snowflake and by persistence sticking to your purpose you can grow it to an avalanche.

The SNOWBALL EFFECT is starting with a goal and as you stick with it ,energy grows where attention is given, it will grow.

I have a deep understanding of this because I have used it numerous times in my life.

Physically both of my parents are really skinny so I knew for me to get muscles it would take a lot of work.

I remember buying a bench press and workout machine and lifting everyday for years.

Rep after rep with no progress my chest was still flat. I kept working putting in the effort because I knew the snowball effect was taking place. I started with a snowflake.

I kept on working out then one day poof my chest was big. My arms were real defined and my six pack was in deeply. People start saying I look like an action figure.

I had turned my snowflake into an avalanche. Now I can go lift one set and my chest will blow up and I will look like I've been working out forever.

In school, I hated English I wasn't good at writing. I loved hip hop and I wanted to learn how to rap. I was terrible I couldn't write in rhythm. I loved poetry as well but I couldn't express the feelings I was feeling on paper.

I bought me a keyboard workstation and in college I would write every day. My writings started out terrible. But again, I knew about the Snowball Effect that if I stick with it I can get better. I kept on writing and now I can write rhymes and poetry faster than I can write it down.

I get complimented on my writing skills and people love my poetry and rhymes. Now I have people in every state I go to work hard as hell to try and steal my book and my writings. I got haters right now scanning my facebook page trying to learn from the God. lol!

In football, I was always considered an average player. I was looked at as a good player. So when I was in college and I didn't play football for 6 years I made sure to study the game, I worked on my athleticism relentlessly, and built up a winning mindset.

I went from not being noticed to being the most dominant player every time I stepped on the field. After every game the opposing team and coaches would give me props on how I was such a dominant force.

I went undefeated two years. I played indoor professional midway through a season and had every team in the league coach and players tell me I was their favorite and I was player of the week.

All this came about because I know the Snowball Effect that if I stick to something I will get great at it by EFFORT.

And the same will happen with me being a great business man. Currently, I suck at marketing, promoting, selling my ideas for profit and putting together a team to build my organization.

But guess what I will use the Snowball Effect and become a dominant force in the area of business.

I have a great idea, great products and I provide outstanding value. I know how to relate with others because I done been in so many situations and I have a vast experience on being a human being.


My natural wisdom and understanding is outstanding. I influence all ages from old, young adult, teenage, to children and babies.

So when I hear these punk ass speakers talking shit about me or anyone else I get excited and want to work even harder because I know they see my POWER and they know I am coming and they fear me taking their spot.

The tidal wave is coming, the avalanche is already starting to come so either roll or get rolled over but I will be a dominant business man.

And this goes for anyone who reads this.

If you want to do or be something just start and stick with it. That snowflake will turn into a spit ball, that spit ball will turn into a snowball, that snowball will turn into a snow hill, that snow hill will turn into a snow mountain, and that snow mountain will create an avalanche.

And that's when you will be dominant but don't be like most and start thinking you better than the snowflake, spitball, snow hill, or snow mountain.

Always remember you was once each of those levels of growth. Instead, use your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and resources and people and help them get to their avalanche so they can do the same for others.

This is ULTIMATE SUCCESS and the truth of winning creating SUCCESS 4 US and the true definition of IAM SUCCESS.

A person who comes to mind is Lebron James. How he reached his avalanche and put his homies on and they are successful in their careers and putting others on like Rich Paul did with Anthony Davis getting him to play where he wanted and that is with the Lakers.

So know if you follow the Snowball Effect you can turn a snowflake (small beginnings) into an avalanche (Success).

Just remember that " In order to GET ON, you have to STAY ON IT to STAY ON."

Have a stick-to-itness, a persistent mindset and you will be the defintion of IAM SUCCESS!


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