Snowball Effect

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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We all can become great at something. It's just a matter of wanting to put the work in. The effort it's going to take to grow into what you want to be,do,or have.

Can you keep going after falling down? Can you move forward when they spread rumors and lie on you? Will you love yourself when family turn on you?

Will you keep fighting when it's more of them against you? Do you have the willpower to persist when you make mistakes?

You must grow the muscles of patience, faith, gratitude, fortitude, and the most important STICK-TO-IT-NESS.

If you can commit to your goals,no matter what , you will LEARN the process of the SNOWBALL EFFECT.

Turning a snowflake to an avalanche. A thought to an idea. An idea to a way of life. Until you get so good the world can't deny you and all opposition will be made to believe.

The key is to stay with it and watch how you grow. #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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