Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The design Don't Worry Be Happy reminds you that no matter what you go through keep a smile on your face.

Smile in the face of negativity because in the end you will WIN over those who try to cause problems and who are the cause for you to be taking losses.

They are going to get the karma that they put out and eventually you will be on top. The important thing is to never let anyone change you into them.

Those people are miserable who hurt and take from others. They are LOSERS and don't have a real faith. Because if they had a real faith they wouldn't do the ignorant things they do. I have had family, friends, church people, and a network of people work to keep me down, lie on my name, rob and steal from me, laugh at me being down, and actually feel good to see me hurt.

Don't worry these same people will have to watch me come up and be great! Small people do these things and the true will always WIN in the end. I have won so many times in the face of negativity. Each time I get stronger and stronger. People be secretly jealous of your power and your talent. It don't matter just keep working on you and you will continue to get better and better. Them tables gone turn and what is done in the dark will be shined on in the light.

Besides, things will soon change for the better if you continue in the spirit of rejoicing. It is the law that all good things will sooner or later come and be, where the greatest happiness is to be found. Therefore, be happiness in yourself, regardless of times, seasons or circumstances.

When evil befalls you, consider the fact that the good that is yet in your possession is many times as great as all the evil you could ever know. Consider this stupendous fact and be glad. Then remember, with rejoicing, that neither evil nor wrong can exist very long in the radiant sunshine of a glad triumphant soul.

You just make sure you don't turn into one of them losers and follow this poem and you will eventually reach your goals no matter who tries to get in the way.

If LIFE is what you make it, it's what you choose to FOCUS on. You can drown yourself in pain or swim in the LOVE zone.

Don't worry, BE HAPPY As you go out and play. Give HUGS. Give SMILES. Make sure you LAUGH everyday.

LOVE family, LOVE friends, even the one's who hate on you. Be the example of JOY, because fools a have no clue. That raising others self-esteem with LOVE is the TRUTH. - j10

KEY: If you can keep your smile when life seems hard and beating you up eventually things will turn in your favor and all will be well and you will smile like the sun and you will succeed. Be glad and keep smiling through the test and you will WIN and be an example of "IAM SUCCESS!"


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