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The evil of the world has spread all through are society. People are programmed to be depressed, insecure, and competitive. These are traits of weakness and failure. Instead of working together everyone wants to be divided. Everyone wants to find a reason not to be in harmony.

This country stood for free speech. But now a days if you are honest with your rhetoric people will shun you and be discriminate towards you. It's like we are encouraged to be fake, tell lies, and wear a mask if you want to get the things you want in life. This is unAmerican and is the main cause of the embarrassing condition of this nation.

All it does is produce a nation of liers and people not being authentic. People are selling their souls everyday for a little of nothing. People are using people and loving things. When you engage in conversations people are not expressing love but hate. Acting like they agree with you but evil intentions spilling out of their aura.


Be like them and give them the same treatment or do the opposite and learn and grow. People are literally"The Walking Dead" They have chosen the path of least resistance and it has dimmed the light in them.They have chosen to be in darkness.

If you allow their ignorance to rubb off on you you will be in darkness too. You must choose the narrow path and become a warrior of light. Light is nothing but LOVE. LOVE is a verb. A verb is an action. And your action must be to continue showing love no matter what. Don't let the harmful things others do change you into them.

Allow the ignorance to be ignored and turn that darkness into light. Eventually the powers of the Universe will come and assist you and those in darkness will be given more darkness. Karma always gives you more of what you have been putting in the world.

Attack them with the opposite of what they are bringing to the world and that is with more love, more smiles, more laughter, and more LIGHT. There will always be more people for darkness than light but the light always wins.

Just observe the Moon and the stars. They shine brighter the darker it is. And that's how you will too if you stay solid stay true you will become great and the best and the darkness will know defeat and be like...



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