Updated: Mar 7, 2020

SPOTLIGHT - intense scrutiny or public attention.

SCRUTINY - Scrutiny is when you look at something really closely, like when you are checking a test for mistakes; study

STUDY - devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on look at closely in order to observe or read.

IGNORE - refuse to take notice of or acknowledge

When these people with low vibrations speak about me they are just showing me that I am in the spotlight. When you are in the spotlight you have the light on you.This comes from having some great qualities and it makes people want to know "how is this person this amazing."

They want to know how do you got the juice, what is it that makes you stand out so they give you intense scrutiny or public attention.They want to find your mistakes so they can point them out because you do so many things well.

To those who really don't love themselves they will look to ridicule, make fun of, or try to dim your light with negative remarks. They want that feeling they see in you that they don't have in themselves.You will be surprised at those who express these feelings. They can have more money than you. Have a bigger audience and material things in their life but the truth of the matter is they don't have that love for themselves that they see in you.

When you love yourself you don't ridicule people you congratulate them. You get excited to see them win. You don't see their success as a knock on your position in life.

In fact, you get inspired and motivated by them for obtaining the success you see and it gives you energy to want the same for yourself.

When you love yourself you become a spotlight around those who are in darkness. They don't notice their greatness all they see is you in the light and darkness around themselves.

People who love themselves such as myself don't get down when people talk shit about us. It's just an indication that we are doing something right.

For people to pay attention to you in your down moments is actually glory.Because if you pay attention to me while I am down I know I have affected your life, I have taught you something, I have shown you something you lack, and it motivates me to continue to show you.

Most of the time it's courage, love of self, and commitment to be honest with my soul no matter the majority going against me.

When you BE YOU you automatically activate your glow, your light, the star dust that you are illuminates in the dark places society has created in others.

When you walk with that light you will not be ignored. They gone pay attention and they gone want to point out your weaknesses, your mistakes, and talk shit about you.

Don't get down. RISE UP!

They know you are a WINNER, they know you are a SUCCESS!

"You ain't got to be the MOON to be surrounded by darkness, you can be surrounded by darkness because you shine like the MOON!" -j10


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