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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

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When you played the NES Nintendo game sometimes the game will freeze up. It will show on the TV screen the game frozen on the last image that was shown. The only way to continue playing was to hit the reset button. The game would start over and you can play again.

Well our lives are like this video game. Sometimes people betrays us, lies, hate, gossips, or does us wrong. Sometimes life sends us trials and tribulations to grow and develop us.

When these things happen we tend to get angry, upset, vengeful, or bitter. That's when we are putting our blessings and life on freeze. We get stuck thinking and feeling old pains and hurts and this stops our growth.

In fact, we create more problems and more of the same pains and hurts.

Our job is to accept that those things happen and to forgive those who do you wrong. That way you are using your(reset button) and freeing yourself to live in peace so you can become what you want to be.

When you forgive others you must forgive yourself too because "we all make mistakes". Just never get comfortable with messing up you should always be striving to do what is right.

When you let go of the past you allow yourself to be present. This is when you are at your best, living in the NOW.

LEARN to let things go that is not building your vision or future. Learn to use the RESET BUTTON like the video game and you will be able to continue to grow and learn.

You will also raise your vibrations and be at PEACE!

So if you are holding grudges, holding onto old pains, or being bitter about something that has happened to you, let it go.




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