Power of Appreciation

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

j10 way of life

The beauty of life is learning the POWER of appreciation.

When we learn to be thankful or appreciative of life we turn on our power of being a magnet to the things we love. Every time we feel, think, or say thank you to God, the Universe, Mother Earth, or to other human beings our power to create the things we want becomes stronger.

This is our magic of the Universe. Eye call it the "I have" mindset. It's when we are counting our blessings and opportunities of things to come and what overcomes us is a feeling of peace and joy. We feel great because we know we are getting the things we ask for.

God is a multiplier, and the Universe is always adding and growing to what we put our focus on. So when we are being appreciative of life and our current circumstances God will multiply whatever we are giving appreciation of.

This works even for the things we don't want. When we complain about things we are given more things to complain about.

The Universe always responds to what we are placing our attention. So the key is this keep your attention on "I have" by staying thankful for what you have and for what you gone have by being thankful.

This is the hardest practice to do because we are taught to want more without being satisfied but when you learn to be satisfied and want more that is a difference in mindset because one is a "I lack" mindset and the other is a "I have" mindset.

The greatest habit you can create is one of appreciation.

You must become obsessed

and watch and observe your whole being

giving off the vibe "IAM SUCCESS!" -j10

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