Our Dreams and Goals Are in Our Hands

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When we accept responsibility for our lives we understand that our growth and development is in our hands. We are in control of our lives.

Although we will go through tough times, dealing with shitty people, and make mistakes we can use these things to help us grow.

Our job is to focus on the Love and light. When we focus on what we love, such as our creator and the things we like to do,be, or have in life we are on the right path to get the things we want in life.

We must know that our mistakes, failures, people doing us wrong, and tough times are around us to help us grow. When you look at these things as the topsoil that we need to plant our seed (our desires) we can overcome the negative thoughts and use these things to strengthen us and to learn lessons we need to grow.

If we continue to focus on the negative, our mistakes, people doing us wrong, and tough times we will continue to attract these circumstances and conditions in our lives. It's like we see dirt instead of topsoil. Dirt has no value and won't allow you to grow but topsoil is filled with minerals that will assist in your growth.

We must stay positive and focus on the things we love. This is the light shining on our plant. And if we stay grateful this is when we add water to our plant. By focusing on love (light) and staying thankful (water) we can recognize that we grow in topsoil (mistakes, shitty people, hard times).

The thing to know is that we must grow and develop (peace) so we can be fruitful (prosperity). This is the Kingdom of God, this is Iam Success, this is when we accept responsibility for our lives.

Our dreams and goals are in our hands to make happen. We can grow and develop into what we want to be,do, or have if we are willing to love, be thankful, accept responsibility, and take ACTION knowing that no matter what kind of topsoil (trials and tribulations) we are buried in our seed will grow and develop.

So no matter what anyone does to you they are not in control of your destiny your destiny is in your hands and you must know this during all trials, tribulations, and tests that it is designed for you to grow and develop so you can be the example of IAM SUCCESS!


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