The design "NEVER STOP READING" is to remind you to keep reading even after finishing high school or college so you can be successful.

I had a strong desire to want to know and I grew a love for reading from my first grade teacher. She made it fun and exciting. I loved this book she read called the Boxcar Children. Later in the 4th grade I grew a love for a series called the Hardy Boys.

I didn't read much in middle and high school. When I graduated high school I went to Indiana University less than a month after graduating and I was so hood I was intimidated about going because my vocabulary sucked, I couldn't articulate my thoughts well, I was trying to learn how to write poetry and rhymes and I was off rhythm and sucked, and I had a very limited knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

While in college, I ended up having a child and I started to focus on getting money. I was working, hustling, and going to school full time.

I remember having this black professor and he would always use big words and I wanted a bigger vocabulary.

So I dedicated myself to learning new definitions every week and I started to buy books to read.

That's when my life changed. I was reading self- help and success books and was being so inspired and motivated to change my life.

I went from having a negative outlook at life and thinking I was gone die before 25 to getting visions of a brighter future.

Reading helped me dream bigger, changed my personality,and my character. I started to become obsessed with wanting to get better. I was noticing the ideas I had in my mind I could now express myself.

Reading increased my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about life. I was able to read people intentions more and I just gained so much confidence. I noticed how others would always seek me out for advice.

It was also changing me from being a street dude to wanting to have peace in my life instead of drama. I begin to have a bigger vocabulary and more energy to work hard.

I was learning from so many people and I loved the power I was gaining. I enjoyed it so much I would buy others books with every check I got spending 10% of my income. I use to give them to friends and complete strangers. I wanted others to get the power I was getting.

I was learning a "success mindset". I had flunked out of college and instead of letting that be the end of my education I continued to read and learn. I never stopped reading.

That's what lead to the Success 4 Us material and creating the future success that I now have. I am now at a phase in my life where wisdom and the right choice comes to me easily. I don't worry or have anxiety because I seemed to always know the right move to make.

Reading developed me mentally and spiritually and it led to me becoming a more developed person physically and now financially.

Reading made me feel like I can create my business, organization, book, clothing line, and to overcome a fear of heights where I skydived. Reading led me to getting to know myself on an higher level and that has led to my kundalini awakening.

Reading has made me a very influential leader, a well spoken person with a vast vocabulary, a pleasing personality, a fearless, strong, powerful man.

Reading will soon lead me to making a lot of money as I am developing great opportunities for others.

And this is what it has did the most was give me confidence in myself, the ability to help others, and a very creative personality.

NEVER STOP READING because it will make you powerful. I now read way more than I watch t.v. Reading has made me a great poet and writer.

Point blank, reading will open your imagination and make you a better human being as you learn from other human beings, you will get a vision for your life and will be able to set goals in your life, you will be inspired and motivated, and influence others.

If you read the SUCCESS 4 US BOOK you will gain a 1. Winning mindset "All I do is Win! I don't lose, I LEARN!" 2. You LEARN to set goals and be specific about what you want. 3. You LEARN an attitude of gratitude. 4. You LEARN how to properly deal with failure. 5. You LEARN how to be persistent. 6. You LEARN how to build your confidence. 7. You will be inspired and motivated. 8. You become part of a great support T.E.A.M. 9. You will know how you can help others. 10. You will know about the opportunity to make money

So NEVER STOP READING because it will make you successful. Read the Success 4 Us book and you will LEARN AND EARN money while learning the process of being successful. #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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