On the clothing gear NEVER CHANGE it reminds you to stay true, loyal, dedicated to the goal, dream, or purpose in your life.

When I was in first grade we created our first book. In my book I wrote I wanted to play football and help others. I was a 49ers fan and Jerry Rice the greatest football player ever I loved the way he played football. He wasn't the fastest or the most athletic but the effort he gave was the greatest.

He was committed and I understood this at a young age and that's why I loved him.

I always was a naturally curious kid and I watched how my granny would help her family. She was always there to help my aunt who use to always borrow money from her. She would make a mistake but my granny would still help her even with everyone telling her not to. She always stayed true to her kids.

My uncle had used drugs when he was young and would be in and out of the house. Always coming home when he needed a break from the streets. My granny would always help him and never judge him.

She would just show him the example of having a relationship with God. She never tried to force religion on people. I watched my uncle get off a hard drug in one day of starting a relationship with God. From that day forward he didn't use the drug.

Watching my aunt and uncle grow as adults and become successful individuals in their own right showed me what my granny taught me and that was always help people and live by your example and one day they will change for the better.

She never changed she kept the same aim and that was to help her kids no matter what.

I used that same example in my life.

I have played football all my life. I watched people who had great talent give up on playing a sport that made them feel good and watched as they loss that joy of life. But not me I would get my ass whooped because I would stay out pass the lights coming on just to get one more tackle or one more touchdown.

I have messed up my opportunity to get a scholarship in high school but I worked my ass off to play 6 years later and ended up winning 2 championships undefeated and played professional indoor football. Even when no one saw me doing that.

I have so many people telling me to stop playing football, I lost my family because of my desire to play football, I have missed money opportunities, and I have had people give up on me because of my desire to do what I love.

The same with me wanting to help others. I have taken so many losses from helping others. I have made myself uncomfortable to make others comfortable. I done had all types of people use me, take advantage of me, steal from me because my desire to help others.

They have done everything in their power to destroy me because I help others.

They hate I tell my people the truth, they envy how I show others love and how I am respected and honored, they have lied and destroyed my reputation saying harmful things about me.

They have stolen my organization material making money while laughing at my struggle.

But they have not stop me from wanting to help others. And that's why I have been developing SUCCESS 4 US for 17 years. I have been developing a way I can help others in every way possible. I have something to help the children, the teens, and adults.

I have had my life threatened many times by jealous, envious, hating people who mad they can't do me, can't be me, or want to hijack my ideas.

But just like this design says I will NEVER CHANGE CUZ IN THE GAME IT'S A STEADY AIM.

I got this motto from 2pac Shakur. I watch him go through similar struggles due to his relentless desire to speak truth and to be himself.

I will always be committed, dedicated, and have stick-to-itness to my aims in life. And this is why I work so hard to get others to realize that having an aim is living and success.

I have become so powerful and influential in life because I stay true to what I do. If you want to be great at anything you have to never change and stick to the aim you have and it will grow and one day you will be the person they look as an example of success.

And that's why the LOSERS can't break my spirit or make me feel weak or inferior no matter my situation because I know IAM SUCCESS. You can tell by the look in my eyes and how I carry myself.

So don't let the distractions or lames keep you from your goals NEVER CHANGE CUZ IN THE GAME IT'S A STEADY AIM.


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