Love is Love: Love Yourself

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Every day you should tell yourself I LOVE YOU. Everything you see in your YOU-niverse is YOU. THINK ABOUT IT...

When your heart stops beating and you die this life no longer exists for you. But as long as you live every projection of life is coming from your heart.

So fall in love with yourself. Then you can fall in love with whatever you choose outside of you. It starts first with loving you.

As within so without!

So, Did you tell yourself I LOVE YOU today. If not do it now and do it every day.

Make this a habit.

_____________________ I LOVE YOU. I LOVE that I LOVE YOU. (your name)

YOU are LOVED_________________________! ( your name)

Try it. Say it out loud and quietly to yourself. Say it with your eyes close. Then repeat THANK YOU LOVE. Watch how your energy rises and it will make you feel peaceful and joyful.

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