Just Smile

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"Why delay when you can have it now!

People search for happiness like it is hard to find when all you got to do is smile." 😃- SUCCESS 4 US BOOK

If you want to be happy if you want to live a life of joy you must work on it. Life is filled with shitty people, people who don't love themselves and people who wants to project their dissatisfaction with life on you.

These people are miserable and you can't let them bring you down with them. People will do all types of things to you, lie on you, slander your name, steal from you, talk bad about you all because they want what you got or want to be you.

They will hate you for loving yourself. They will envy you for being happy. They will try to ruin your life because they don't have a life.

People will beat you up mentally and spiritually and will try to steal your smile but you must not allow them to steal your joy.

I like how it was put in the book "Just Be Glad" by Christian D. Larson.

When things are not to your liking, be glad nevertheless, for the glad heart can cause all things to be as we wish them to be. When things do not give you pleasure proceed instead to create pleasure in your own heart and soul.

And you can if you will always be glad.

Besides, things will soon change for the better if you continue in the spirit of rejoicing. It is the law that all good things will sooner or later come and be, where the greatest happiness is to be found. Therefore, be happiness in yourself, regardless of times, seasons or circumstances.

When evil befalls you, consider the fact that the good that is yet in your possession is many times as great as all the evil you could ever know. Consider this stupendous fact and be glad. Then remember, with rejoicing, that neither evil nor wrong can exist very long in the radiant sunshine of a glad triumphant soul.

There is magic in the sunshine of the soul; there is a charmed power in the radiant splendor of a beaming countenance (face). Such a countenance (face) can dispel anything that may threaten to give disappointment or dismay.

So remember to be glad and mean it.

It is the greatest remedy in the world, and the greatest protector in the world. It can harm nothing for it turns all wrong into right.

It is the sunshine from within that causes all darkness to cease to be. It therefore brings good to everybody, and he who is always glad is always adding to the welfare of every member of the race.

Key🔑: If you can keep your smile when life seems hard and beating you up eventually things will turn in your favor and all will be well and you will smile like the sun and you will succeed. Be glad and keep smiling through the test and you will WIN and be an example of "IAM SUCCESS!" 😃

glad - pleased; delighted; make happy


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