If You Fall Down Get Back Up

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

j10 way of life

I started with an idea, researched and read for thousands of hours, put the material to test, succeeded, created a logo, wrote a book, started my own brand,created a network marketing idea, building my own website, inspired and motivated thousands, and still building.

Built leaders, gave game for free, made money for others and they will never admit it.

Watched people try to destroy me, lie about my character, sabotage opportunities, betray and cross me, no support but still screaming Iam Success!

Because I know what it takes to build from ground zero, I know what it means to never quit and be persistent, I know what it means to stay true to my dreams, I know what it means to keep educating yourself, I know what it means to recognize the jealousy and envy, but more important I know what it means to succeed because I studied others who were in my same position right before the flower blooms.

"You got to honor the process of progress.

Ignore the haters and those who really want to be you.

Maintain during the struggle and eliminate the negative.

Stand firm on your integrity when they spread rumors and lie.

Fall down. Get up!

Fall down cry to yourself. Get up! Fall down. Accept the fake and the evil people do. Get up!

Fall down. Accept your mistakes and bad decisions. Get up! Fall down. Accept you are hurt, tired, beat up. GET UP!

Fall down. Accept you need to get the proper rest. But GET YO ASS UP and scream "IAM SUCCESS!" -j10


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