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The most important thing I have learned from studying human beings in American society is that you know a person is committed to giving value and really wants to do something when they are willing to do it for free.

I grew up with a lot of great football players. People who claimed they loved the sport more than life itself. I found that most were just talking and it really wasn't something they truly love.

Why do I say that?

Because in my experience if you truly love something you won't care about the obstacles that will come in order to fulfill you doing what you love.

The obstacle of having money. When you don't have money you lose your comfortability, you will lose love interests, friends, family will avoid you, and your ego will fill you with so much doubt, fear, and unbelief.

You will basically lose everything you see others around you have. And those people will make sure you know that.

This scares the shit out of people.

It makes the toughest of them run from their dreams.

So when people give up they truly don't want that dream what they really want is to be comfortable. What they really want is to not have to worry. What they really want is not to be judged. What they really want is to be accepted by others. What they really want is to not have to fight and be tenacious, persevering, persistent, and going against the grain to fulfill that dream.

Point blank they don't want to hustle and put in the effort to grow and develop into who it's going to take to make it happen.

So they quit and do what they "can" do. In fact, they try to convince others that they can't do what they want to because of their doubt.

This is what destroys dreams.

So when you see someone willing to risk it all for a dream it would be your best interests to invest in a person of that caliber.

Anyone who will go all out, go homeless, lose friends, family, and love interests for their dreams is the person I am investing in every time.

Because that is someone who is in love. That is someone who is obsessed. That is someone who has landed on foreign land and has decided to burn all ships of retreat. And who's soul screams "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"

In my life this is how I know if a person DESERVES AN OPPORTUNITY. Not by judging their behavior for minor character flaws but by the unapologetically unwillingness to surrender on a dream that gives them life.

If you have the power to invest in such a person than you would be smart to do it because that is a GAME CHANGER. That is a remarkable human being. That my friends is what you call a SUPERHERO!

"Look everyone it IS what it ain't! It's IAM SUCCESS! The superhero who gives knowledge, inspiration, and motivation for you to be successful!"


A person who says, "I'm going to become this! And works towards that goal or dream.


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