IAM SUCCESS! ; The First Thing You Ever Did In Life. You are a WINNER.

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SUCCESS 4 US BOOK When we are not aware of our past, purpose, and potential we tend to see things in a pessimistic or negative way. This leads to unhappiness and the root cause of failure. You are not a failure, because of your birth, you are a SUCCESS!

When you came from your father it was about 200 million or more other possibilities trying to be born in your mother's womb.

At the finish line it was you who finished first and the proof is your birth.

You need to be aware that the first thing you did was become a winner. You already are a champion! You are success!

So, anytime you are going through a rough time, a set back, failure, problem, or made a mistake always remember this. Don't dwell so much on the past, even if you feel it wasn't your fault just know that the best thing to do is to remember the first thing you ever did and that was become a WINNER!

You became what you wanted to be and if you remember this then you will know that you can become anything you want to be, do, or have.

You can conquer any problem by knowing you have the power to create.

Now say it to yourself every chance you get "IAM SUCCESS!"


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