IAM SUCCESS = Peace and Prosperity

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

j10 way of life

The most important thing of the Success 4 Us book is the principle IAM SUCCESS!

It's reminds me that the Creator is first. My relationship with the IAM is my main thing. To be a fan of God to honor and praise the power that is WITHIN ME.

To be obsessed with seeking this relationship before anything else, the IAM, always guarantees me getting what I want (Success).

The thing to remember is that SUCCESS is always 2nd. And giving attention to Love, Light, and appreciating this is primary always makes me aware of if I am trying to prosper b4 I have peace.

IAM means to have peace. SUCCESS means to have prosperity.

So without being at peace first I can never prosper.

Seek the kingdom of God (IAM or peace) and all things shall be added (SUCCESS or prosperity).


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