GOD is... ⭐️ The PLUG

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

GOD is... ⭐️ The PLUG

What this design represents is that GOD is the plug. Meaning whatever you need or want you can get it if you seek GOD in prayer and appreciation.

The 5 point star symbolizes the human body Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. This means GOD is inside of you and this what makes you a star.

God represents the electrical outlet of unlimited source of energy. And you being the STAR and having knowledge of self that God is inside of you allows you to realize you are the plug as long as you acknowledge GOD and the power that is in you.

You become the plug and have access to the unlimited power of GOD by seeking through prayer and appreciation. Never look outside yourself for GOD always look inside of you and you will have knowledge of self. 11:11 symbolizes you are in alignment with the Universe.

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