IAM = Qualities of a Diamond

Updated: Feb 21

The IAM design reminds you the power you are and the great qualities that exhibit the great IAM. It's when you are shining like a diamond and reflecting every color on the rainbow spectrum.

NOTE: This is not representing homosexuality or any of that same sex shit. Life is about God's Kingdom which means to GROW AND DEVELOP. Sorry not sorry. We celebrate the ANKH LIFE! WOMAN & MAN!

When you are living with LOVE in your HEART you will reflect these great qualities of IAM just like a diamond.

These qualities are not found in you LAME PEOPLE. You ugly ones that be hating, envying, or sabotaging and trying to stop a true. You know them weak who WANT TO BE YOU but can't be you. Who watch your every move and who got no style. Who learn from you and dislike you at the same time.

They are not diamonds they are just a lump of coal and they reflect no color just what not to be. LOSERS is the name.

But a WINNER, an IAM SUCCESS individual will reflect these qualities of being

smart, outstanding, different, forgiving, inspiring, talented, powerful, great, ambitious, joyful, dedicated, wonderful, truthful, rich, amazing, happy, highly favored, thankful, attractive, awake, wise, supported, perfect, persistent, peaceful, funny, discipline, kind, beautiful, resilient, loving, and unique.

A GOD or GODDESS created in the image of IAM! IAM = GOD = LOVE = SUCCESS

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