Iam Different 2 Make a Difference

Iam Different 2 Make a Difference

The design here is to celebrate your individuality. And to recognize that you don't think you are better than others but you know you are designed different so you can create change in the world.

If we all act the same nothing new comes about. We remain stagnant without growth. In life we are supposed to grow and develop and reach new heights in everything we do.

So celebrating your individuality and embracing that you are different because you were created to make a new world is very empowering to you seeing yourself as a success.

People will try to tell you who you are but don't listen to them they are speaking on you because you are different. We are not the same and that is what is beautiful, differences.

When we learn to be ourselves it allows everyone to bring something new to the table. When we try to be someone else we are never as great at being that person as they are and we are just creating a water down duplication.

You can do the same thing as someone but as long as you bring your own personality it will have a different vibe to it and that is what it is all about.

Making a difference.

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