Attracting vs repelling = I HAVE vs I LACK

Being attractive is being appreciative. To appreciate something it means you are grateful for and to rise in value.

The more we are grateful for life the more we rise in value. The Universe will literally continue to give you the things you desire. When we are appreciative we are basically telling the Universe "I am happy that I have".

This mindset allows us to become very attractive to the things we want in life. Whatever we desire will be moving towards us and the longer and steady we can hold an attitude of gratitude the sooner the desires we seek come to us.

We literally become a magnet to all that we want with the "I have" mindset. This mindset is so important because it is our magic, it is our power of defeating every enemy, weapon, or negative attitude in the Universe.

When we are appreciative we can't be dissatisfied with life, when we are thankful we can't blame others for things, and when we are grateful we can't complain about life. Why? Because when you are thankful you are joyful and you are a magnet to more joyful circumstances.

When we are complaining, blaming, fault finding, or angry we are repelling the things we want in life. We are basically telling the Universe "I am disappointed that I lack".

This mindset allows us to be repelling the things we want because we are focused on what we do not have. The things we desire will be further and further away from us.

This is a simple thing to understand but one of the hardest things to master. We are bombarded with negativity in our society. It's on the news, social media, radio, music, and people.

Our tendency is to be in a repelling mindset because we live in a society that profits off us being this way. Our goal is to work hard on having an attitude of gratitude so we can attract the things we want in life.

The more we practice and exercise gratitude or being thankful we become closer to getting our goals. If you practice, practice, and practice some more you will eventually build a habit of always being thankful. You will notice how more joyful and happy you are able to sustain and maintain and you will see the results of you getting more of the things you want. Or like I would say "I AM HAPPY THAT I HAVE".

Continue to work at it, make "Thank you" become your favorite phase and watch how you be at your best and everyone will notice the mindset and vibe of IAM SUCCESS! BE THANKFUL AND ATTRACT AND STAY AWAY FROM BLAME AND COMPLAIN SO YOU DON'T REPEL.


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