On the design I GOT THE JUICE it speaks on the importance of keeping it true.

True defined is "in accordance with fact or reality" it also means "loyal or faithful."

These two qualities are so important to being a success. In order to be successful you have to be committed to whatever you are doing. And this takes you to be honest with where you are and knowing that if you are able to know where you stand you can know you can always get better.

When I first started developing my organization I wasn't that good at writing but I was good at organizing others information.As I stayed true to wanting to inspire and motivate people I kept practicing and exercising my writing skill. I eventually got better and started having people craving my vibe and writings.

I even love reading my material I write. I had to be true and know that when I started I wasn't that good so I knew I had to work and I still got work to do but I have gotten awesome.

I make it a point to always speak the truth and tell real stories in my life. I learned from rappers Tupac and Ice Cube speaking reality people feel it in their soul so I wanted to do that with my work I wanted people to feel it in their soul.

And because of this "I GOT THE JUICE"

This just means that people love my work and it influences a lot of people and it is because I am truthful and I stayed TRUE to what I do. So whatever you do be honest in your work and stick to it because these are the qualities that will get you the juice.


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