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j10 way of life

What I want for myself, I want for everybody and that is SUCCESS!

When I graduated high school my graduating class selected me to be "The Most Likely To Succeed."

I couldn't understand why I was the poorest dude. I was a "street dude" and a wild nut case. I surely thought I was gone be dead or in prison for life before the age of 21. I was recklace but that day after getting my diploma I went to the bathroom and cried tears of joy because I didn't know people believed in me.

I thought I would die in prison like my dad. At that moment I didn't know how but I knew I wanted to make something of myself. It was a small gesture but it shifted my perspective on life.

Now 19 years later I am ready to show the world what INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION can do to make you SUCCESSFUL.

IAM SUCCESS. And I plan to make as many others it too.

Thanks for believing in "the forgotten kid". It started an idea that created this organization.


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