Successful People Build Others.

j10 way of life

People will lie, slander, and spread rumors about you.

You can't control what others do but with experience you learn that those who speak negatively about others are weak and usually unsuccessful.

Whenever a person comes to me with negative rhetoric about someone I immediately know this person is being judgmental and I know that if they not talking about themselves and what is wrong they are on the wrong path.

The only way to fight a liar and gossiper is to ignore them and continue to walk in your integrity. Eventually others will see the truth by your consistency.

SUCCESSFUL people don't make time to speak bad about others unless the accusers are just over doing it. They are too busy improving themselves and helping others.

When others inspect the situation they will see who has the clear glass of water and whose glass is dirty. It will be obvious.

SUCCESSFUL people build others unsuccessful people work to degrade others.

Stay true and follow the picture below.



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