On the design Godfidence, it means to Give God Glory because you know that with the spirit of God inside of you, you cannot fail. You can only WIN or LEARN.

GODFIDENCE -the state of feeling certain about the truth of something because of the awareness of God inside of you.

When you have this you don't worry about what others say about you, you are not envious, jealous, or hating anyone because you know what is for you is for you.

And with the power of the Omnipotent ( ALL POWER) you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to if you trust this power.

Having Godfidence is having GROWTH.

And nothing on Earth can stop growth. So always give glory to the power of the Universe.

Love who you are because you are created in the image of God. And with this confidence you can be successful at whatever you strive for.

So KEEP IT G and know you will GROW if you give glory to your INNER G! #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4US

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