Fight The Good Fight

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I am a very confident guy but sometimes I don't like myself. Sometimes I wish I treated others better. Sometimes I think I am not good enough. Sometimes I think I am ugly. Sometimes I wish I had what others had.

I think we all have times we not feeling the person we are. It's ok to feel like this but it isn't cool to keep feeling like this. We all get into a slump and feel like we " can't get right" but


Working every week to feel confident, to feel important, to feel forgiveness for yourself and others. So don't stop fighting the good fight.

You must read positive books, say affirmations, and ignore when others try to tell you different.

Never stop putting positive information in you. I always think about a new born learning to walk and talk. Quitting is not an option for them because they see everyone else walking and talking. You have to take this same approach of constantly putting positive thoughts in your mind and ears.

Read religious scripture, listen to good motivational music, watch inspiring tv shows or videos, and read self- help books.

When you first start to do this you will feel a lot of negative energy but keep going you are just releasing all the hidden negativity in your cells. Eventually the toxic will remove itself as long as you continue to feed yourself positivity.

When feeling low just acknowledge it and remind yourself "no matter what my ups or downs IAM SUCCESS!"


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