Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Eye awakened feeling honored and favored IAM has prospered me because I love myself and my neighbors

No longer a hater of haters I don't see them anymore I am filled with thankfulness being appreciative is what I adore

I am powerful and magical IAM is who I trust an expression of star dust my spirit is SUCCESS 4 US

Look into my eyes you will see the joy of my goals the strength of my convictions the peace of my soul

I was born different 2 make a difference in the world you see today to change the culture, the customs, and traditions and create new holidays

To exterminate duality and dumbness So we can live in harmony and wholeness The Ultimate Truth the spirit of ONENESS

To awaken the light in others my purpose is Universal work. To change the world and bring honor and unity to our MOTHER EARTH. - j10

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