Embracing No: New Opportunity

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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My first sales experience.

It was the G-Unit Tony Yayo concert at Pier's. My brother was performing. We ran out of time and didn't get his CDs pressed up with the logo on them.

So I had 50 CDs that looked like they were blank copies. I was upset because they wanted to charge me to get in. I didn't want to pay out of pocket so my brother said take it out the sales of the CD's.

So outside the club I started trying to sell the music. I kept going up to people and getting turned down. No. No. No. No thank you. How do I know that there is music? I'm cool. I kept getting told no.

Well I am a confident dude so that's when I came up with an acronym for no. N.O. means "new opportunity". A new opportunity to try and pitch it to them or a new opportunity to pitch to someone else.

Instead of getting discouraged I attacked with more persistence and confidence.

I was at the gas station and I tried to sell to everyone who came in and I even tried to sell to the clerk. I was so persistent a guy bought one just because I wouldn't quit. It was my first yes after about 20 no's.

It was success and I wanted more.

The more I pitched the more confidence I gained. Then came the shift. 10 no's but I got 3 yes. 5 no 5 yes. 2 no's 5 yes.

By this time I was inside the concert selling the CD'S. I started to get nothing but yes. It got so good that people who I didn't pitch to were coming to me wondering what was I selling.

I noticed it had nothing to do with what I was selling people were buying my enthusiasm and how I was making them feel. I noticed the momentum that was building.

In one hour I had pitched to everyone in the building. I sold 35 and my friend sold like 10.

It was my first experience with sales and using persistence. I learned that night...

1.) people buy you and how you make them feel

2.) that persistence trumps resistance

3.) No means a new opportunity.

I learned to gain confidence from failure because it will lead me to success by momentum.


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