Detox From the Negativity

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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When you have been facing a lot of negativity you will have to do something to detox it from the cells in your body.

Usually negativity is there because you are shining, you are about to level up, or because the Universe wants you to use your power of creation, your magic, which is your positive thoughts.

A great way to detox is to read inspiring books. religious scripture, listening to music, dancing and laughing. You can also give to someone else, invest in another person's dream, or just be a good listening ear for someone.

Sometimes the negativity can be so strong and in other individuals that it will seem like you are getting your ass kicked but that is just a moment.

Even when you start to use the things I mentioned as a detox all the negativity that is in your cells will rise to the top. You will feel depressed, sad, and very negative. This is just the negativity coming to the surface.

Or if you were playing a football game this is just the first half. Negativity may seem like it is winning at first but the game takes 4 quarters and if you continue to be persistent with detoxing the negative and inputting the positive you will conquer and win the game.

Fight with saying thank you for every thing you can think of that is positive in your life.

Fight with saying thank you for eliminating the negative and your enemies.

It may not look like it right now but it is already happening in the spiritual and then you will see it in the physical.

Remember a game has 4 quarters and just because you were losing at halftime doesn't mean you cannot make the halftime adjustments and eliminate the negative and succeed and win the CHAMPIONSHIP!

But it starts with the detox so go read something positive, go listen to music, go sing and dance, or go help another person and let the positive take over the cells in your body.

Know that your enemies and negativity is just a test, to see if you truly believe in IAM SUCCESS!

Now say it to yourself "IAM SUCCESS!" repeat as many times as you can.


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