Dealing with the Difficult Ones

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Life has taught me what a TRUE leader, coach, and anyone in a position of power directing others is.

You have a lot of people who are in positions they are not qualified for. They call themselves leaders but when it's time to deal with someone who doesn't fit their typical type of individual they tuck their tails.

How you in a position to teach and grow others but you scared to deal with the difficult people?

When I was supervisor of my assembly line for this job that was difficult I had a few knuckle heads on my line.

They were doing things that could get them fired, they were being fake, lying on others, I knew they didn't like me, and sabotaging others work.

I had the power to get rid of them but that would be the easy route I knew God had put me in this position to help those who needed some help. I chose to keep them on bcuz if I was any kind of leader I would want to show them the way.

So that's what I did.

I led by example and I didn't judge and condemn them for the way they acted. I instead showed them another way and it wasn't easy but believe me when I started to see me rubbed off on them it was a beautiful thing.

Their confidence changed and they quit the bad habits and behavior not by me ignoring and firing them but by me not giving up on their ability to change.

Not only did it change them it changed me. It showed me people can change if you give them a chance and give them an environment where they can accept who they are and they changed naturally.

Later in life they have thanked me for not giving up on them and they share that example with their love ones.

Think about all the chances God gives us to grow and develop and we should do the same.

You are not a successful leader, coach, or any position of power if you are scared to help the ones you consider "too much", difficult, or just someone you don't understand.

In fact, it shows you are weak. In the Bible, the people who thought they lived right asked why was Jesus hanging around those who they would judge and condemn and HIS response was "Those who are healthy don't need hospitals."

The same way when you show you scared to connect with someone who might challenge you as a leader. Maybe you're not a good leader, coach as you might think you are...


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