Committing to Success 4 Us: The Motto

j10 way of life

When I took this picture in Colorado I was going through adversity and I didn't understand it.

I was so uncomfortable. I didn't know that I would be going through a kundalini awakening that would change the course of my ambitions.

What I did know was that Eye would never give up and I was committing to SUCCESS 4 US, getting better and better, and to treat others with kindness and to eliminate the negative.

In this pic that's why the IAM SUCCESS TIE is wrapped around my hand to symbolize that EYE WILL NEVER QUIT and...

"My failures, my setbacks, my downfalls, my problems are all opportunities for me to grow. So I will never stop learning and putting useful information in me so I can know. I will WIN! I think I can so I will strive to do my best. I will set goals and plan and no matter what my ups or down I know IAM SUCCESS!" (Success 4 Us motto)

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