Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Set your goals and build the staircase. Then shut your mouth and work everyday to take a step up. Keep your eyes focused on the top but enjoy the process of each stair you climb. Don't look to the right or left (distractions). Give your all and if you put in the work your soul will not fail you. Your soul would not give you a vision if it wasn't meant for you to make it happen. Ask your mind to obey your soul and it will listen to you. If you don't give your mind orders it will run on autopilot. Have you ever driven a car and let go of the wheel. The car will drive straight for a little bit but eventually it loses control and will veer off the road. Well that's exactly what happens to us when we don't command our brain to do things. Know that if you tell yourself you have the power of God working with you and you expect your mind to give you the results you want it will follow. Take it one step at a time and eventually you will reach the top.

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