Accepting Responsibility

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My secret desire has always been just wanting "support".

I grew up with very minimal support in everything I did. So I kind of built in my subconscious mind a thought of " I never get support."

This has caused me to create this reality in my life over and over again. This is why accepting responsibility for everything that happens in your life is very important because it allows your mind to be aware of the true reason why others are treating you a certain way.

By being aware that "It is always my fault." I learned that I was holding this thought in my subconscious mind. I NOW can do the opposite and repeat the thought that "I AM ALWAYS BEING SUPPORTED BY MY UNIVERSE AND EVERY HUMAN BEING."

I can use the principle "WRITE IT. READ IT. SAY IT. AND EVENTUALLY SEE IT!" By writing on a notebook and making my intent to bring support in my life it will eventually become true in my life.

Now I become a creator of my destiny instead of a victim. And it all starts with my thoughts and the way I am thinking.

When others are attacking you, immediately admit that it is your fault to yourself and I promise you your brain will help you be aware of the true cause of why that is happening.

When others support me a little I always support them a lot more. I will now attract more support in my life.

What is it in your life you keep attracting by your hidden thinking?

Do you keep attracting the wrong type of man/woman? Maybe you are thinking man/woman are always acting in negative way to you.

Are you always having money problems? Are you secretly thinking negative about money? Are you thinking life's a struggle?

Whatever it is that you have an issue with all the time admit it is your fault and watch your brain reveal the hidden thought you are saying.

You will know what the issue is by where you are placing the blame.

Learn this principle and you will past this test, beware of your hidden subconscious thoughts and know



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