A BORN WINNER design is to make you aware of your true place in life.

You are a born winner because the first thing you did in life was win by being a sperm and making it to the egg to be born.

It also gives reasons why you were born.

1. You were born to LOVE. (Relationship with the Creator)

God is love. Love is everything. So you were born to love. To enjoy this beautiful thing we call life.

2. You were born to appreciate that LOVE. (Attitude of Gratitude)

Having a thankful mindset gives you the vibe "I have" and it allows you to attract the things you want in life and it gives you peace and joy in life. So whatever you love spend time being appreciative of what you love and you will get more things to love.

3. You were born to create. (Being Faithful)

You have God inside of you so that makes you a creator just as God is. You are to be faithful and know that you can have what you want if you have faith and allow it to manifest. You are born to make things in this world for you to enjoy.

4. You were born to share what you create. (Giving + Helping others)

You create things you love and appreciate so you can enjoy them and for others to enjoy them as well. Giving and helping others is the ultimate joy. You are behaving as God is and that is being a creator and a giver. When you share everyone wins. It makes people better and better and helps them create and share as well it becomes contagious.

Following these 4 things automatically makes you a winner and you will be a symbol of a heart that is a winner. IAM SUCCESS is what you represent.

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