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When you get cheated, sabotaged, hated, or character assassinated you can choose to be a victim or you can stay TRUE TO YOURSELF and continue to have HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

When I see the majority choosing to knock someone I know like Jesus or Floyd Mayweather they just hating because of the GREATNESS. And this is why Eye RESPECT and ADMIRE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. The definition of IAM SUCCESS.

When Floyd Mayweather was an amateur boxing for a gold medal in the Olympics he was robbed of victory . He got cheated so bad the greatest referee quit because of them blatantly cheating him.

Instead of playing the victim he just went into HARD WORK AND DEDICATION and went professional and never lost again. 50-0. He then had to deal with the ugliness of success where his own country booed and went against him for foreigners. Again he did not let that get in his way. He still succeeded. He even had issues with family but no matter what he won. Always showed gratitude for the ability given and by maximizing his gifts and talents.

So what was his secret?

He used what SUCCESS 4 US teaches is most important. And that is...

1. Know exactly what you want. Floyd Mayweather wanted to be the best ever.

2. Keep your attention on what you want. Floyd Mayweather took up the phrase Hardworking and dedication and committed his will power to train to be the best ever.

3. Be grateful. Floyd Mayweather always expressed gratitude to be able to do what he do and by maximizing his gifts and talents.

4. Learn how to properly deal with failure which is part of the success process.

Floyd Mayweather took the loss of a gold medal and used that pain for motivation just like when his own country and family was against him and became what he wanted the best ever. He used his failure to help him become a success.

And this is what you will learn from the SUCCESS 4 US BOOK. "ALL I DO IS WIN! I NEVER LOSE I LEARN!"

"I will WIN! I think I can so I will strive to do my best. I will set goals and plan and no matter what my ups or downs I KNOW IAM SUCCESS!" #IAMSUCCESS #SUCCESS4USBOOK

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